Burglar entering through the balcony windowSecurity is something that should be taken seriously. Having a safe and secure home or business setting is a must. If your home or business is not secured, there is an immediate risk for intrusion or vandalism.

Home security system companies are in business to provide people with home security, wireless security systems, audio and video equipment and installation, fire alarms, and other useful resources. Whether you are in the market for home security system monitoring, security systems for business, office security systems, office wireless fire alarm systems, telephone systems, or small business telephone systems, all of these services are available and can beneficial for both homes and businesses.

Here are some revealing facts and pieces of information about the home security system companies, along with some shocking statistics:

• 17% of all homes in United States have a security system. That is a very low and concerning number.

• Each year in the United States, 2,000,000 house burglaries are reported and documented. That is over 100,000 every month.

• 78% of responding participants from a 2013 New York Times/CBS survey poll supported the use of surveillance cameras in most public places.

• There are two commonly used types of cameras: Analog and IP-based cameras. Regardless of the type of camera, being installed in specific areas has resulted in an average crime rate drop of about 20%.

• In one recent study, the amount of robberies and thefts in areas with closed circuit television (CCTV) installed was lowered by 47.4% (almost half) while areas without CCTV showed seemingly no change at all in the number of crimes.

• Studies show that average monthly crime counts for drug and robbery related offenses decreased by almost a third in cities where security cameras were utilized.

• By installing a home security system in their house, homeowners can decrease their home insurance rate by up to 20%.

• Close to 5,000,000 households in the Unites States do not have any type of smoke alarms. This is extremely hazardous and concerning seeing how more than one-third (37%) of fire deaths are the result of fires in which no smoke alarms are installed in the house.

Home security system companies will always be around as more and more people and businesses begin to realize their practical use and value.

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