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Exit Sign Testing and Inspections

In Yardley, Pennsylvania

Whether you have an office building, warehouse, multi-family house, wedding venue, or any other commercial space, having well-functioning emergency exit signs is critical for safety. 

At BAI Security, we offer testing as part of our annual or bi-annual inspection services. This kind of service is invaluable to be sure that emergency exits signs are ready for an emergency situation should one arise.

On top of ensuring that you have up-to-date, fully functioning emergency exit signs, our inspection service ensures that you will be following ADA guidelines and fire code.

Make sure your exit signs are working if the worst happens.

There are many horror stories of an emergency happening in a heavily trafficked commercial space. Even though people can see their exit signs from all around the room, nobody can find them! If you are on the upper floor of a multilevel space, this can be especially dangerous.

We have seen office buildings where exit signs are so far away that they can barely be read by the people standing right next to them.

This is a recipe for disaster and shows us that many businesses do not understand how important properly functioning exit signs actually are.

Meeting or exceeding Building Codes and Fire Safety Regulations.

The four main points for the Code Compliance Inspection are outlined below:

  1. Check whether there is an Emergency Lighting System (ELS) and what type of system it is (i.e., wet system or dry system).
  2. Inspect the ELS to determine whether it is fully operational and meets the NFPA code.
  3. Check for exit signs that are not properly illuminated, damaged, missing, or covered by obstructions, as well as perform the 90-minute load test.
  4. Review and ensure corrective action has been taken for non-compliant conditions.

Quickly and easily find out if your emergency exit signs are up to snuff!

Contact us today at 215-493-1414 about our inspection services when you need a company who will put safety first! 

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